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Due to high volume of no-show no-call appointments, prepayment is required to schedule time. For more info on availability, please call/text 334.328.3275 or click on ‘Book Now’ above.

4 hour Block Rate = $220.00*
8 Hour Block Rate = $400.00*
***For blocked hour rates, time can be broken into different sessions. For example, with an 8 hour block, client can have 8 one hour sessions, 4 two hour sessions on different days, etc., as long as time is used within 60 days.

Studio Time

Invoices for prepayment can also be emailed to you for your convenience. We also accept the following forms of payment:

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Mixing Rates

Each song mix varies between $50.00-150.00, based on track-count inside ProTools-only session. Mastering is included for all song mixes. For album mixes/mastering please contact us for more info.

Mastering Rates

$4.00 per minute count. For example, a 5 minute song = $20.00

Sessions/Mp3s sent via Email:

ProTools/Logic Sessions sent by email via WeTransfer.com: $30.00
Songs converted into mp3 format sent outside of allotted studio time: $5.00 per mp3


Vinyl Transfer Rates

$5.00 per song, to MP3

Additional CDs: $5.00 Each