How long have you been in business?

We have been open since October 24, 2009. Read our reviews here.


What separates your recording service from other studios?

Experience includes a strong classical music background since 1986 in Piano, Classical Guitar since 1989 and versed in other musical instruments such as Bass and Alto Saxophone–combined with a Bachelors in Music Technology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, 10 years of live band experience, an extensive knowledge in most genres of music (specifically Hip-Hop, R&B), real-world ProTools experience since 2005, and Platinum producer credits (‘Watch What U Say 2 Me’, T.I. vs T.I.P.) gives us an unparalleled edge above all others. We combine all of this knowledge during the session to give you the best and fastest experience, without loss of quality.


What artists have you provided services for?

We have worked with the majority of artists in Alabama, as well as recorded/mixed/mastered recordings from clients that live in various parts of the U.S., and as far as Europe. Some of our clients include a number of Major Artists (Doe B, Jay-Z, T.I., Young Dro, Shek’spere (producer: TLC, NSync, Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child), Yo Gotti, Rocko, Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz, Zaytoven, Verse Simmonds, Future, Watch the Duck, Christina Milian, Estelle, Bigga Rankin, Kalenna Harper (Dirty Money), Ursula (Sevyn Streeter, Jennifer Lopez), Nicki Minaj, Rich Homie Quan, Trae Da Truth, Sam Chris (Doctor’s Advocate), Nikki Grier (Dr. Dre, Eminem, Ginuwine), Blanco (Zone 4, Polow Da Don) and Labels (Blueprint, Interscope, Atlantic, Universal, Geffen).


Do you have samples of your work?

We have mixed/mastered for thousands of artists. To make it convenient, you can click on ‘Listen & Experience’ to hear current and past work or visit our Reverbnation page.


Can I record cover songs at your studio?

Yes you can, provided you bring your Karoake instrumental(s).


Do you own the music when I record at your studio?

Whoever pays for the session(s), owns the session(s). No ownership of the masters belongs to the studio if you have your account paid in full. In the extreme event that you have unpaid services rendered, Mixology Recording Studios reserves the right to hold any and all music and files until the account is in good standing.


Do I need to bring my music/instrumentals on a CD or USB Flashdrive?

CDs are fine, but USB flashdrives are preferred. The reason being is that CDs tend to scratch easily and can be rendered useless. On most android phones, files can be transferred to our computer easily. The best way to send files to us is to email them once session is confirmed.


Does my track need to be tracked out or can you work with MP3 or wav files? And if so which would be better for you MP3 or wav?

We prefer track outs because we can control and level each individual sound inside the instrumental. WAV files are better quality files and are bigger in size, but if you only have the MP3 then in most cases we can work with what you have.


Do you keep my sessions on file or should I take the sessions with me?

We keep all files on hand (as long as your account is in good standing) for up to 2 years. We highly recommend you invest in a mobile external hard drive and bring it to your session so that we can place your session files and any other files on it. In the extreme case that we don’t have your session on file, you will have a saved copy. Recreating a song that has been previously recorded can be difficult and is less likely to capture the conviction and emotion of the initial recording, so please consider taking a copy of your files with you.


Do you have Autotune? Can you add effects and make chops and drops on my beat?

Yes we do have Autotune and can apply any effect you desire. If you have a reference song with the desired effect, please bring it to our attention during the session so we can listen and make the adjustments necessary to replicate the sound. Also chops and drops on instrumentals are easy as well; just let us know where you would like them on your song(s). However long it takes for editing the song is by the hourly rate.


What does Mix-As-You-Go mean?

Here at Mixology, we mix your vocals to your instrumental and add effects as you record. Although most studios may classify this as a rough mix, we distinguish ourselves as being able to mix quickly without loss of quality. This is what separates us from other studios; we have recorded over 50,000 songs in a short span of time, and also have platinum producer credits. We also Master your recording towards the end of the session.


When are you available? How can I book time with you?

We have a booking website/app via Booksy™ and you can view available times 24 hours/7 days a week for your convenience. A notification will be sent to us, and you have the option to prepay in person or by email invoice. Once payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation of your specified time and date. You can also call us at 334.328.3275, text preferred for a faster response for available times.


When I book online, is the session confirmed for the date and time specified? What does “Awaiting Confirmation” mean?

Before your session is confirmed, we require upfront payment for the time and date you specify. Once payment has been received, we will send a confirmation via email and text.


Why do you require your sessions to be prepaid?

We have a zero-tolerance policy for No Show and No Calls. To be respectful of studio time and reservations, clients can prepay in person by cash, credit/debit or have invoices emailed and prepaid by debit/credit/Apple Pay/Android Pay via Square or PayPal. This eliminates double-booking and reduces unpaid services and holding of music due to non-payment. When prepaying, sessions are guaranteed for the specified amount of time.


Can I reserve the time and pay a couple days before the session time?

Booking is on a first come  first serve basis based on paying for the time requested.


If I pay for time can a get a refund if I decide not to record?

There are no refunds or exchanges. Once the session is confirmed it guarantees your slot for your specified time, and prevents double-booking . If you do have to reschedule, you have forty-eight (48) hours prior to your scheduled time to move to an available date in the future.



What happens if the time I reserve is declined?

We will give you enough lead time to prepay for the session, but in the event that we do not receive a response or payment from you for your specified time, we have the right to decline the appointment to make it available to other clients.


What’s the difference between Recording Rates, Mixing Rates, and Mastering Rates?

When you are recording at our facility, we include editing, mixing, and mastering by the hourly rate. If you have ProTools sessions recorded outside of our studio, then Mixing Rates apply. Mixing Rates are based on track count inside the session, with stereo tracks counting as two (2) and multiple people on one (1) track have to be split into their own separate tracks. Pricing varies with Mix Rates because of the amount of work that is needed for each song, and no song is alike. If songs need to be Mastered only (that have been mixed to your satisfaction with at least -6db headroom), then the Mastering Rate applies.


What is the turn-around time for CD Duplication?

Depending on workload, 100 CDs can take between 3-4 hours. 500 CDs take a full 24 hours to process. Upfront payment is required before starting duplication.


Where can I find beats for new music?

The internet has plenty of beats and producers that sell music production at leased and exclusive rates. Search Google or similar search engine to find instrumentals for your specified genre.


Do you make beats/offer music production to clients?

We are in process of setting up a MyFlashStore music production website. Please stay tuned for more updates.


Do you shoot Videos?

We are working on a Visual Department of Mixology Recording Studios. Stay tuned for updates, and check out our Vimeo page to see some of our work shot on iPhone 6/edited in Adobe Premiere.